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Online marketing for farmers isn’t a new idea, it’s been tried before, but until recently few succeeded. Those early pioneers didn’t have the wrong idea; they were just ahead of their time.

Twenty years ago, half the population used the internet every day, in rural areas take up was lower. It was another 10 years before the first smartphone was launched and only very recently that rural broadband became a reality for most of us. Today more than 82% of us have the internet in our pockets – among the highest in the world.

Everywhere we look the internet is transforming the way we do business, and making markets more efficient and transparent.  When looking for a vehicle we have Autotrader. For property, it’s Rightmove. For flights, it’s Skyscanner. And, about everything else it’s Amazon or Ebay….

For farms with combinable crops to trade, it’s Graindex, bringing farmers together with merchants and end users. The innovation makes efficient use of sellers’ time, who once the decision has been made to sell wants the best price.

With all the merchants’ prices in one place comparisons and final decision can be made easily and quickly. Growers choose to accept whichever offer they want and merchants can supply additional information such as movement period and payment terms if relevant.

The difference between the highest and lowest prices on any parcel of grain through the site can vary dramatically, with on average a £4.50 spread. Graindex will also inform the growers in given areas or with a specific quality when a merchant creates a wanted listing which matches quality and or location, so no more missing the boat!

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