Knight puts operator in total control

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Knight Farm Machinery’s new Fluid Control Pro gives sprayer operators total control of all the functions related to filling, spraying and washing out, either at the machine’s filling station or from the cab.

It simultaneously assists the operator to fill the machine simply and accurately, while ensuring they have adequate time to load the chemical and to clean out all spray containers efficiently with fresh water.

The new ISOBUS integrated display located at the filling station displays all the relevant information including application rate, field size and % overlap.

It then calculates the amount of product required and automatically manages the filling operation, allowing the operator to concentrate on loading the chemical.

“This system aims to simplify the process of filling and rinsing the sprayer. It will also reduce the potential for the sort of mistakes that can occur when operators are under pressure to get work completed”, says David Main, Knight’s Sales Manager.

“Operators can select the application rate from the filling station. The system cross-references with the details of the field logged into the main computer to determine the volume of spray solution required in that fill.

“The system also controls tank filling and can automatically pause filling at pre-set points, allowing the operator to load the chemical at the right time.

“It then resumes filling, ensuring the operator has clean water available to rinse out chemical containers. There is also a feature to prevent the operator from over-filling the tank”.

Fluid Control Pro gives a real time reading of tank contents at the filling station and in the cab, as well as controlling tank washing, the rinsing cycle and tank agitation.


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