Krone expands header range

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Krone has introduced the new range of XCollect cornheads as an addition to the well-proven EasyCollect range of headers, responding to customer demands and harvest conditions around the world.

The new XCollect range lines up three models that cater for three different work width – the 600-3 (8 rows, 6 m), the 750-3 (10 rows, 7,50 m) and the 900-3 (12 rows, 9 m). As stand-out feature these new headers split the function of cutting and feeding into two separate actions.

Cutting is done by high-speed discs with curved scythe-like blades. Mounted almost horizontally, these discs eliminate a number of dividers and make the cut as the plants stand on them. As another advantage, the scythe-like blades reduce vibrations and consequently cob loss. Also, these discs rip the stalk and stubble apart as they make the cut, which leads to perfect defibration and faster breakdown of the stubble.

Each cutting disc is linked to its driveline by a central bolt. Operators can select one of two speeds, thereby matching the cutting frequency conveniently to the individual crop and harvest conditions. The driveline is protected by star ratchet clutches (the current speed being displayed on the terminal screen). In addition to that, each disc is separately protected by friction pads.

The crop is fed into the machine by the well-proven collector which stands out for its low input requirement. It feeds the plants lengthwise to the pre-compression rollers and the chopping drum. This type of crop feed leads to a significant reduction in overlengths, which is a requirement for high-quality silage.

The collector speed adapts automatically to the individual conditions ensuring a uniform crop flow to the intake rollers – in all conditions and at all lengths of cut and even in down crop.

Convenient road travel

The new XCollect cornheads are made up of 3 sections. The XCollect 600-3 and XCollect 750-3 fold to a 3m transport width and the XCollect 900-3 to 3.29m, ensuring exceptional visibility at all times. An integral hydraulic transport running gear is also available for the new XCollect headers. The advantage of this is that is takes weight off the forager’s front axle, enhances operator comfort and makes road homologation easier. Forming an integral part of the machine, the running gear is not removed from the base machine but is raised hydraulically during field work.

Further benefits of XCollect: The cornhead offers very low maintenance with large and easy-to-open flaps for quick and convenient access to all service points. Thanks to an optimised hydraulic folding mechanism the unit folds even faster. Last, BiG X 680/780/880/1180 and BiG X 480/530/580/630 have three skids as standard for even better contouring. The new XCollect is compatible with all Big X models built from 2009.

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