New 2021 Yamaha ATV line up announced

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The Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV has been updated for 2021 with diff lock as standard on all electric power steering (EPS) models and includes a safer, utility focussed rear braking system throughout the range. “This machine is nimble, easy to handle and now offers greater off-road traction, stability and safety,” explains Yamaha ATV manager William Kay.

The addition of diff lock to the Kodiak will enable the operator to lock in power to all four wheels for better off road traction. “This is especially advantageous in wet and muddy conditions. The locking differential forces all wheels to spin at the same speed, regardless of traction, helping the ATV to maintain drive momentum,” explains Mr Kay. 

All Kodiak models will be specified with Ultramatic® transmission which maintains tension on the drive belt to provide a consistent throttle response. “The constantly variable transmission (CVT) provides the correct gear ratio as the ATV speeds up and also acts to provide engine breaking when the ATV is going downhill,” he explains. The rider is also able to automatically switch between 2WD, 4WD and diff lock settings with the push of a button.

Yamaha has also announced the release of a new Kodiak 700 EPS which will be available before the end of 2020. The 700 and the 450 Kodiak models will both benefit from a wet braking system. “Our multi-disc wet rear brake is designed for farm work. The sealed, oil cooled brake cannot be inhibited by dirt and debris that can get stuck in conventional disc brakes. This makes the ATV better suited to year round farm use, more predictable in braking and will reduce the need for costly brake repairs,” says Mr Kay.

The range topping Grizzly 700 ATV is being relaunched in a range of new colours and will be supplied with alloy wheels as standard for the first time. Yamaha has committed to fitting Warn VRX 25 winches as standard on all Kodiak and Grizzly models. The 15-metre winch has a 1,134 kilo pulling capacity and a rocker switch mounted to the handlebar. “Modern winches are used by farmers on such a regular basis, for jobs like pulling cut trees, fencing, or recovering vehicles. It is a vital piece of equipment for farmers and should therefore not come at an additional cost,” says Mr Kay.

Yamaha has kept the unique compact design of its ATVs in the new models to offer farmers machines that are easier to manoeuvre in, and through, tight spaces. “We understand farmers need a stable ATV, but we don’t believe this should come at the cost of versatility. It is important that an ATV can go anywhere, and our streamlined design enables riders to pass through tight gates and operate in small spaces,” says Mr Kay.

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