New JCB FASTRAC 4000 Series tractors with added productivity

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A refreshed range of JCB Fastrac 4000 Series tractors has been introduced with uprated axles for increased payloads and durability, along with new tyre options and a locking front axle differential for increased traction in the field.

The upgrades also include a factory-fitted precision guidance option and engines with an auto shut-down feature and extended service intervals that help further reduce total cost of ownership.

John Smith, managing director, JCB Agriculture said: “Fastrac 4000 Series tractors continue to win over new owners and operators with their unique combination of speed, comfort, road safety, field traction and four-wheel steer manoeuvrability – all of which contribute to increased productivity.”

Maximum power and torque outputs are unchanged at 175hp, 208hp and 235hp but running costs are reduced thanks to the new Auto-Stop feature, which eliminates unnecessary fuel use by shutting down the engine after a period at idling speed, and engine oil and filter service intervals extended from 500 hours to 600 hours.

New axles

The new heavy-duty JCB axles that deliver power from the stepless (CVT) transmission have 33% higher load ratings than before and increased durability thanks to larger hubs and bearings and larger kingpin bearings – upgrades that will be especially beneficial for tractors engaged in high-draft load work or when fitted with new tyre options that help deliver even higher levels of traction in the field.

Permitted gross vehicle weight is increased, so larger externally-mounted brake discs are fitted all round to increase braking performance, and at the front, the axle differential is a larger, hydraulically-engaged locking design rather than a limited slip unit to further enhance tractive effort when conditions are slippery underfoot.

New tyre options

The introduction of more advanced ‘VF’ category, high-speed rated field traction tyres will enable operators to make the most of the Fastrac’s 50:50 static weight distribution, and the consistent ride height and in-work weight distribution provided by self-levelling suspension front and rear.

These sophisticated tyres can operate at a lower inflation pressure for a given load, resulting in a larger footprint that delivers increased traction and less compaction of the soil. Conversely, these characteristics can be used to carry a heavier load than lesser tyres of the same size without resorting to higher tyre inflation pressures.

Either way, operators can exploit the tyres and the increased carrying capacity of the new Fastrac 4000 Series tractors to achieve higher outputs and increased productivity without compromising their 60kph legal top road speed.

Precision farming

To further enhance the ‘GPS complete’ technology available on Fastrac tractors, a factory-installed Trimble GFX-750 option prepares the tractor for immediate operation in the field.

Its simplicity, repeatable guidance and choice of signal correction services has made it a popular after-market purchase, and the configurable 10in (256mm) colour touch screen can be used as an ISOBUS virtual terminal for simpler implement operation.


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