New Senova pulse varieties set to join pgro descriptive lists

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Senova has two immediate additions – a white pea and a large blue pea – joining the new-look PGRO Descriptive Lists for 2021, as well as two very promising winter bean varieties which should be added later this year.

The new winter beans, Vincent and Norton, have just received or are awaiting National Listing, so they will appear on updated on-line Descriptive Lists, allowing their performance to be compared to others.

Both bred by IBERS Aberystwyth, they will complement established Senova varieties such as Vespa, Bumble and Honey, bringing yield and seed size improvements over existing choices.

Along with Vespa, which was first listed in 2018 and became fully recommended last year, their imminent arrival will further strengthen Senova’s winter bean portfolio and demonstrates the progress that is being made in bean breeding.

“Vincent and Norton are both interesting types and we are really excited about their prospects,” says Tom Yewbrey of Senova.

A new white pea, Kaiman, and a new large blue pea, Kiravi, are also being listed for the first time.

Kaiman has a yield of 112, standing ability of 7 and an earliness score of 5. With pea wilt resistance and a 5 for resistance to downy mildew, it will join Senova’s other whites, Kameleon and Karpate, both of which are established varieties.

Kameleon, which was first listed last year, has maintained its outstanding yield performance, with a five-year yield figure of 120.

Kiravi brings a yield of 108. It complements Kactus and Karioka, with a 7 for standing ability and a 5 for earliness of ripening, as well as good disease resistance.

According to Tom, the new PGRO Descriptive Lists allow a wider range of varieties to be included, but independent testing continues to be behind the assessment of varieties.

“With Vincent and Norton, we have new winter beans with obvious advantages over the current market leader, bringing better yield and seed size at a time when end markets are looking for improvements.

“Our new peas, Kaiman and Kiravi, offer further choice to growers and will suit different on-farm systems and markets.”

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