Next generation combination seed drill LAMMA ‘18

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Kuhn Farm Machinery will be showcasing the next next generation combination seed drill – the Venta 4030 + hr 4040 at Lamma. The Venta 4030 + hr 4040 is Kuhn’s all-new, next generation combination seed drill.

The power harrow element – hr 4040 – uses straight blades and a duplex gearbox, enabling rotor speed to be adjusted according to soil conditions.

The Venta seed drill features a 1,800 litre seed hopper and uses a fluted metering unit with large splines for larger seeds (wheat, barley, peas, beans, etc.) And small splines for smaller seeds such as rape and alfalfa. Seeding rates can be set from the tractor cab at between 1 and 430 kg/ha. A remote calibration “start button”, located close to the Venta’s metering unit, makes calibrating the machine easy to achieve without the need to go back into the tractor cab to access the drill’s main control panel.

A speed sensing radar ensures precise seeding at up to 15kph and it is possible to shut-off every second row for special applications. Kuhn’s precision coulter bar, the seedflex system, takes care of seed placement, with widely offset double discs mounted on a parallelogram to enable fast and accurate seeding. These maintenance-free coulters perform well in all soil conditions, from ploughed to min-tilled land. Following press wheels control seeding depth and ensure good soil to seed contact for consistent germination.

Tillage and seeding are carried out independently thanks to a roller frame design which effectively separates the two functions. This patented design allows for a more compact unit and enables the two units to be uncoupled in less than 10 minutes.

The Venta 4030 + hr 4040 is suitable for use with tractors with a power output of up to 234 kw or 320 hp.

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