Online Arable Scotland 2020: expertise and knowledge for the arable industry

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Arable Scotland 2020, Scotland’s newest field event focussing on arable crops, is taking place online on 2nd July 10:00 and will major on alternative crops and new markets. Registration for the free event is open at

The challenges of 2020 have been more significant than any of us could have imagined – everything from market uncertainty through to extremes of weather has tested our arable production businesses. COVID-19 and Brexit have layered new levels of complexity on arable farmers, coming on top of existing legislative pressures and net-zero and sustainable production targets to address climate and biodiversity crises.

Arable Scotland 2020 pulls together specialists, scientists and industry stakeholders that made the event so successful in its inaugural year. To support the industry, the event on 2 July will feature live stream events introducing the event and running topical live stream Q and A sessions, and a virtual site so that anyone can tour the science, specialist and industry expertise that would have been available at the actual in-field event.

The event will include:

10:00 am – Arable Scotland Introductory Webinar: highlighting key actions on alternative crops, sustainable future production systems and featuring input from SEFARI, Hutton, SRUC, AHDB and the Farm Advisory Service.

1:00 pm – Webinar for New Entrants: Annie McKee from the James Hutton Institute drawing on input from the NEFERTITI Scottish Hub will host a webinar discussion on ‘New People, New Pathways – Routes into Arable Production and Alternative Crops’.

3:00 pm – Virtual farm tour: A virtual tour of alternative crop trials, demonstration plots and research farms featuring SEFARI partners and giving a taste of what might have been seen at Arable Scotland if it had been possible to hold as a field event.

5:00 pm – Live stream Q & A: Meeting the challenges of net-zero – focused presentations from key experts followed by a question and answer session.

6:30 pm – Live stream Q & A: Alternative markets and new product opportunities – key economists and food experts discuss the major new opportunities for the arable sector.

8:00 pm – Live stream Plant Health: the challenges and opportunities of implementing best practice, with contrasting New Zealand and UK experiences on new products, pesticides and sustainable practices.

Visit to register for the event and view a full programme.

The core event partners are the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and the James Hutton Institute, with leading media partner The Scottish Farmer. Other key team members and sponsors are Hutchinsons, the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI) and the Scottish Society for Crop Research (SSCR).

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