BASIS register 1000th NRoSO member

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BASIS has welcomed the 1000th member to the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) scheme since January 2023.

The landmark registration comes after BASIS took control of the central register earlier this year, providing CPD to sprayer operators.

NRoSO manager, Andy Lister, said: “Sprayer operators are a vital cog in the agricultural industry, with a huge responsibility in helping protect and grow our food supply chain through the correct and accurate use of pesticides and fertilisers.

“By providing a platform for them to access training, qualifications and stay up to date with the latest application techniques, technology, plant protection products (PPP) and environmental protection, NRoSO plays an important part in growing the skills required from operators.

“With 21,000 people on the register in total, increasing the number of members on the register so much this year is a great achievement for us and it also shows industry is aware of the imminent changes and challenges sprayer operators need to be aware of such as legislation and increased output costs.”

The 1000th member is Adrian Hackett, whose spraying career began on a family farm in nearby Broadway in the 1980s before working in France for nearly two decades.

Mr Hackett, who has recently joined a team of sprayers at ValeFresco Salad growers in Evesham, said: “I think it’s really important for operators to be aware of the latest progress in technology restrictions and legislation. It’s always good to be anticipating where the industry is likely to go next, rather than sitting on your heels, carrying on doing the same thing every year.

“There’s a lot to keep up with in terms of equipment and health and safety too; everything has moved on so much since I began my career. It’s great that our employer requires us to be NRoSO members because it helps us as a team keep on top of the changes.

“For me, it means I can back up my years of spraying experience with information that keeps me relevant and current.”

For more information on NRoSO and how to join or to get in touch with the BASIS team visit

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