New CEO appointed to lead Claas Group

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Jan-Hendrik Mohr has been appointed by the Claas Group Shareholders’ Committee as the new CEO with effect from April 1, 2023.

Mr Mohr, a graduate engineer, has been working with Claas Group since 1984 and has been a member of the Group Executive Board since 2008. He said: “I look forward to continuing our success story together with my colleagues in the Group Executive Board and all employees. Claas stands for a high level of technological expertise, products that excite and a corporate culture that unites us. We think long-term and have a clear vision: to make our customers the best in their field.”

Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of the Claas Group, said: “Jan‑Hendrik Mohr is highly respected at Claas and in our industry. He knows Claas like no one else and has proven his worth. He shaped the company during his many years in various management positions. Together with his colleagues in the Group Executive Board and all employees, he will build on the successful work of his predecessor and lead Claas boldly into the future. I am very grateful that Jan-Hendrik Mohr is now taking on the responsibility as CEO of the Claas Group.”

Stepping down

Thomas Böck has stepped down after more than 16 years at Claas. He said: “Since last summer, the desire has matured in me to take on new challenges after more than 16 years at Claas, including almost four years as CEO. Now is a good time for a change: Claas has emerged stronger from the various crises and is in a very strong position today. During my time as CEO, sales have risen to over five billion euros. Despite the crises, we will achieve an excellent result this financial year. We have set the right course to lead Claas into a successful future.”

Ms Claas-Mühlhäuser thanked Mr Böck for his service: “We owe Thomas Böck a great debt of gratitude. He is a gifted technician and strategic entrepreneur. He has achieved outstanding things, especially in the fields of product development and digitalisation. The digital transformation of the CLAAS Group will always be associated with his name.

“As CEO of the CLAAS Group, he was known and respected far beyond the Group, particularly for his strategic foresight and profound technological knowledge. In addition, he enjoyed great popularity among the employees of the CLAAS Group due to his appreciative and people-oriented approach. We wish Thomas Böck all the best and will remain in close contact with him in the future.”

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