Seedeye seed counter simplifies time consuming calibrating

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Väderstad’s unique seed counter and seed flow coulter blockage monitor SeedEye, which has been designed to simplify the time consuming exercise of calibration, will be on the company’s stand at LAMMA 2018.

Accurate seed rates are easily set via the iPad display on the control panel in the cab. If a seed coulter deviates from the preset permitted variation an acoustic alarm is sounded and the faulty seed coulter is marked in red on the display.

No resetting of the seed drill is necessary between different crops either, which is handled automatically by SeedEye and the operator who changes the value on the display.

Six optical transistors (sensors) located in the seed houses accurately count total seed numbers as they flow over them using infrared light, rather than by calculating quantities based on seed weight. The level of accuracy for oilseed rape and wheat seed is approximately 99% and 98–99% respectively. The system automatically sets accuracy and compensates for the dust and residue that can gather in the sensors. SeedEye is compatible with ISOBUS Task Controller.

The seed drill’s radar measures seed drill speed and Väderstad’s established control system E-Control continuously calculates how well the “set point” for the desired volume of seeds per square metre agrees with the actual feed value as attained via SeedEye. The feed, which is electrically powered, is constantly regulated to produce the desired seed volume.

Prices for the SeedEye range from £5,235.00 on the Rapid 400S up to £8,130.00 for the Rapid 800S.


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