Sky launches improved coulter line for the UK’s EasyDrill

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The first UK showing of the new EasyDrill coulter line will be on the OPICO stand [868] at Cereals.

Designed to ensure more accurate seed placement and consistency, whilst improving the flow of residue and preventing blockages, the key features of the new coulter set-up are a two piece coulter tube and tungsten shoe, alongside maintenance-free disc bearings.

Joe Redman, Sky Drill Specialist at OPICO Ltd said, “The improvements to the coulter line mean wearing parts need replacing less frequently and replacing them is an easier job.  Consequently, the overall cost of ownership will come down. The two piece coulter tube and separate boot means there is no longer any need to replace the whole assembly, simply the tungsten-tipped shoe.’’

The time-proven bogey-type coulter carriages retain the same overall design with depth wheels front and rear, making for uniform seed placement in all conditions.

Initially launched at SIMA this year, the coulter line has benefited from a number of upgrades including:

  • Tungsten-faced moulded skim coulters to improve the flow of crop residues
  • A central support, made from high-strength steel, with smooth, sleek lines to also aid the flow of trash and residues
  • A straight seed tube to ensure more accurate seed placement
  • A new manufacturing process means fewer moving parts to increase overall reliability
  • Fewer and more easily replaceable wearing parts to reduce the cost of ownership
  • Maintenance-free hubs no longer need greasing.

Sky Agriculture’s EasyDrill is a major player in the seed-drill market, with over 3000 machines working around the world. It has recently become the best-selling no-till drill in France.

The updated EasyDrill coulter continues to deliver versatility – specifically designed as a no-till drill, the EasyDrill works equally well in min-till, consolidated ploughed land and when drilling into cover crops. Whatever the system, the pressure adjustment system means that up to 250kg of downforce can be transferred towards the front depth wheel or the rear closing wheel dependent on the soil conditions.  In wet soil conditions the pressure is transferred to the front depth wheels and in dry conditions the weight is transferred to the disc coulter and rear closing wheels, guaranteeing perfect control of drilling depth in all conditions.

Main features of the SKY EasyDrill:

  • 435mm diameter notched-disc: the notching ensures the disc keeps turning in light or freshly cultivated soil;
  • Standard dual distribution system to allow multiple products to be planted at two different depths in the same seeding row (for example: oilseed rape at 1cm and field beans at 5cm);
  • Disc inclination of 1.5° and opening of 3.5° reduces the power consumption and reduces soil disturbance between seeding rows;
  • Hydraulically adjustable weight transfer system allows weight to be distributed between the front press wheel and the rear closing wheel to suit weather conditions;
  • Transferable weight of up to 250 kg per disc.


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