Smart Crop Management Equipment from Van Walt

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Smart crop management requires smart equipment solutions. Effective soil monitoring is the foundation of good crop production that’s why Van Walt Ltd, the specialist supplier of soil and water environmental research equipment, has launched a range of soil moisture probes and data transfer systems. Equipment to improve crop irrigation and water optimisation, to increase crop yields and soil fertility, while saving money and precious resources.

“Monitoring the amount of water in a soil is not new. Indeed, we have been offering different equipment solutions for several years,” said Vincent van Walt, Owner, Van Walt Ltd. “But what’s important is pricing that equipment to make it accessible for all and delivering usable data simply and accurately.”

So, if you measure soil moisture, Van Walt’s new equipment range from Stevens Water is the latest, most efficient available. From small, easily portable handheld probes to networks of telemeterised soil moisture sensors, that use the patented technology of the world renowned HydraProbe – the most scientifically researched soil sensor available on the market – for extremely accurate and fast soil moisture measurements.

“Combining the HydraProbe, a product of which we are so confident that we offer a 5-year warranty, with our very powerful and flexible data-collection systems, that can link up to 300 different sensors to one data-logger, the data from which can trigger alarms and operate switches to integrate irrigation systems to localised water requirements, is smart crop management,” claims Vincent.

Van Walt points out that when it takes on new equipment to sell and support it never settles for anything less than the best. “This equipment is designed to withstand heavy usage in the field. Customers all over the world working in crop production, environmental and agricultural research, horticulture and farming, rely on its innovative features, accuracy, ruggedness and reliability”, said Vincent.


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