South West AgriTech Showcase returns

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The South West AgriTech Showcase will return on the 21st of March 2024 at a new venue.

The event will focus on innovation and technology within agriculture, as well as commercialisation and adoption.

“We will look at livestock, arable and dairy farming with a specialist in each session, alongside a farmer who has used technology to enable greater productivity, sustainability, and profitability,” explained Joanna Rufus, chair of South West AgriTech.

One of the themes of the event will be sustainable farming practices. “Technology and innovation will enable land managers to become more efficient, productive, and thereby profitable; resilient and sustainable, and better able to protect and enhance the environment,” said Dr Robin Jackson, director of the Rural Business School at Duchy College.

Other topics will include financial drivers for farmers, easier and resilient transitions to profitability, sustainable food production systems, and the use of technology and innovation to improve productivity.

“This fits with our definition of agri-tech – any technology on the farm, or that crosses the threshold of the farm, for use in agriculture, horticulture, or aquaculture which increases productivity and sustainability,” said Ms Rufus.

Following the 2023 event, a larger venue has been sourced for next year’s showcase – Westpoint Arena. “We were extremely pleased with the number of attendees at our very first showcase,” concluded Ms Rufus. “The feedback we received from both the programme and marketplace has been very rewarding, so we are really looking forward to building on this for next year.”

Tickets will be available from January 2024, priced at £12 per person. For more information go to

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