Stored grain insecticide MRLs are changing

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The Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) of several insecticides used to protect stored crops of wheat, rye, maize and sorghum have recently been reviewed. Given the early harvest, it is important to clean out stores as soon as possible and consider the potential implications of treating crops with particular active ingredients.

Ken Black, Bayer rural hygiene manager, explains the good news that, following a review last year, one of the most popular grain insecticides – deltamethrin, will remain unchanged at 1ppm.

“Farmers using deltamethrin based K-Obiol® can rest assured that the product can still be applied well within the safety limits, and when used according to the label, will in fact remain four times lower than the MRL for deltamethrin of 1ppm.

He confirms that this applies to both variations of K-Obiol®, whether it be for direct application to the grain (ULV6) or treatment of the store fabrication (EC25).

“As always, prevention is better than cure. Thorough cleaning of the store, followed by regular monitoring, and appropriate treatment with K-Obiol® if pests are present, will give you the best chance of a crop free from infestation.

“The earlier you can treat the store the better, as K-Obiol® will only treat adult pests, so any larvae present will not be affected until they reach maturity – this could take up to a month until the population is ‘knocked down’,” says Ken.

“Another measure that can be taken to reduce the chances of pest damage is to ensure the grain is as dry and cool as possible. Storing it below 15°C and 15% moisture content should keep grain weevil activity to a minimum.”

Ken adds that grain treatment should only be employed when the risk is high. “K-Obiol® is a crucial product in our armoury and adhering to MRLs and manufacturer’s application rates are essential to helping maintain vital pesticides on the market.”

If you have any questions on products or legislation changes, get in touch with the Bayer Pest Solutions Team on 00800 1214 9451 or


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