The 2020 edition of the UK Pesticide Guide is now available

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By far the biggest change to The UK Pesticide Guide in 2020 is the loss of a number of active ingredients that have been fundamental to many crop protection programmes.

The final use-up of chlorothalonil formulations; propiconazole, fenpropimorph, chloridazon and diquat occurs in 2020 but there are also a few of exciting new additions.

  • Aclonifenis a new residual herbicide for use in potatoes that already has a number of EAMUs for use in minor crops.
  • BASF is launching its new triazole,mefentrifluconazole, which promises to restore full triazole activity, at least initially.
  • On the insecticide front the new active ingredient from Corteva agriscience,sulfoxaflor, is now listed for use in Cucurbitae and ornamentals under full protection for control of aphids and whitefly.

The content is split into easy to find sections:

  • Crop/pest guide index
  • Pesticide profiles
  • Products also registered
  • Adjuvants
  • Key information for users of pesticides
  • Suppliers of pesticides and adjuvants

BASIS members can gain 2 CPD points on purchases of The UK Pesticide Guide 2020 – To claim your points enter you BASIS number at the point of purchase.

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