Vaderstad launches rapid drill variable rate option

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Väderstad pneumatic Rapid seed drills are now able to apply variable rate seed and fertiliser through its Universal Control system, which communicates with third-party suppliers of field-mapping services. Historically, GPS-controlled automatic variable rate was only possible using ISOBUS Task Control.

To establish the communication, the third-party supplier wirelessly connects to the gateway of the Väderstad seed drill and then through the Universal Control system, provides variable seed or fertiliser rate information related to where the seed drill is positioned in the field.

Väderstad Universal Control is available for the Rapid A 400-800S and Rapid A 600-800C/J. The first compatible field-mapping services will be iSoyl by Soyl and ControlMaster by Dataväxt.

“Väderstad has identified a need for a more open communication between its drill and the software supplied by the service provider,” says Väderstad’s systems and components manager Pontus Nordfeldt.


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