Vaderstad launches unique point for heavy compacted soils

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The new and unique BreakMix point from Vaderstad combines the advantages of breaking compactions with a very intensive mixing, which will add versatility and agronomical benefits to the farm.

The BreakMix point effectively cracks deep soil compaction down to 30cm, which allows the free passage of water up and down the soil profile, and it also provides intensive mixing of residues in the topsoil. Vaderstad claims that its new point gives extra versatility at a lower cost.

Intended for both primary and secondary cultivations the BreakMix point is ideally suited to heavier soils where compaction can often be an issue.

Mixing residues in the top 10cm of soil with bacteria and fungi ensures a faster decomposition, and by not mixing at depth avoids pulling up clods to the surface.

The BreakMix point is constructed with hard metal Marathon reinforcements, which extends the working life of the point. The BreakMix point is now available for all Väderstad tine cultivators in readiness for autumn 2018.


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