Winter barley 2017 Harvest Results – yield trend tracking the five-year average continues.

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Harvest Results from AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter barley trials show yields in 2017 continuing to perform similarly to the five-year average.

The Harvest Results for 29 August 2017 are from two sites in the north (Northumberland and North Yorkshire), one from the east (Norfolk), one from Scotland (Aberdeenshire), Northern Ireland (Londonderry), and two from the west and Wales (Devon and Glamorgan).

The overall yield average from the 20 trials in 2017 is 9.52 t/ha, contributing to a five-year average yield of 9.59 t/ha.

Calculating yield results

Yields are represented as a percentage of the control varieties. In 2017, the control varieties comprise two malting varieties, Talisman and SY Venture, the six-row hybrid variety Volume, the six-row conventional variety KWS Meridian (no longer on the Recommended List) and the two-row feed variety KWS Glacier. The average of the yields from these varieties is represented as 100%. The current 2017 values now show yields based on one season from 20 sites, giving us a better picture of yields in 2017. The five-year average remains a better measure of their performance over a range of seasons.

In 2017, the six-row hybrid feed varieties Belfry (112%), Bazooka (112%), and Sunningdale (110%) are all performing well, as is the conventional six-row variety, Funky (111%).

The two-row feed varieties with the top yields are KWS Orwell (106%), California (106%), KWS Infinity (104%), Surge (103%), KWS Tower (102%) and KWS Creswell, which is recommended for the north, has a yield of 102%.

Two-row malting varieties are judged more on their quality than outright yield. Based on this information, Craft has a yield of 98%, Talisman 93% and SY Venture 95%.

Using the five-year average

When selecting varieties for next season, the five-year average values give a better representation of performance in different seasons. The six-row hybrids Bazooka (109%), Sunningdale (108%) and Belfry (108%) and the six-row conventional variety Funky (107%) are performing well. Looking at the two-row feeds, KWS Orwell (104%) Surge (103%) and KWS Infinity (102%) continue to headline on yield. KWS Creswell which is recommended for the north has performed well at 102%.

Five-year average results also provide a better measure of new varieties. The candidate six-row varieties are also achieving good yields in the five-year average figures, with Libra (six-row hybrid) at 107% and KWS Astaire (six-row conventional) at 108%. The new candidate malting variety Coref compares favourably with established varieties based on the five-year figures, at 98%


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