New rodenticides control rats and mice in a single feed

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A new range of Brodifacoum-based single-feed-poison baits which solve even the toughest rodent infestations in a single feed has been launched by Lodi UK, one of the largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of pest control products.

Sapphire Grain is a uniquely-formulated, grain-type bait which contains whole and cut wheat to make it attractive to both rats and mice, which it kills in a single feed. Approved for use in and around buildings, Sapphire Grain is available in 3kg, 5kg and 20kg mixed grain packs costing £24.21, £37.08 and £92.70 respectively, together with 5kg packs which are priced at £44.81 and contain 50g sachets.

Sapphire Paste, a unique, highly attractive paste-type bait formulated from premium grade cereals which are mulched and mixed together with highly attractive peanut butter oils. Proven to be extremely effective even in the most difficult environments, Sapphire Paste is approved for use in and around buildings. The company recommends that for maximum effectiveness this product is used in conjunction with its BETA bait station, allowing the sachets to be easily secured with the specially designed bait rod.

In addition to Sapphire Grain and Sapphire Paste, Lodi UK’s new ‘Gems’ range of premium-quality rodenticides also includes Bromadiolone-based ‘Jade’ and Difenacoum-based ‘Ruby’ baits.

‘Jade’ comprises an extensive range of premium-quality cereal baits which are available in grain, block, paste and cluster grain form. Jade Cluster Grain is a new and unique formulation which combines the advantages of all the current day baits in one innovative solution. The smoothness of the paste coupled with the crunch of the various cereals it contains provides rodents with an extremely palatable bait that controls infestations very quickly.

‘Ruby Grain’ is a highly attractive and very palatable Difenacoum whole wheat bait which contains an irresistible aniseed attractant to enhance rapid ‘take’. ‘Ruby Block’ is a highly attractive and effective compressed Difenacoum block bait which incorporates a number of different cereals and added attractants to make it irresistible to rodents. ‘Ruby Paste’ contains highly attractive peanut oils and is effective even in the most difficult environments.

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