An electric first year for Farmtrac

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It’s been a year since Reesink Agriculture launched in the UK with the highly successful arrival of the Farmtrac tractor brand, and what a year it’s been!

Drawing crowds, wowing critics and generating praise from industry dignitaries, Farmtrac arrived with a bang at LAMMA 2020. The brand’s flagship model, the FT25G featuring lithium-ion battery, was the industry-first all-electric tractor, revolutionary in its innovation and technology, it got the market talking about the future of the industry.

Upon seeing the FT25G for the first time, Jane Rickson, professor of soil erosion and conservation at Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute and president of the IAgrE, said: “This compact and agile tractor represents a significant development in agricultural engineering. We were impressed by the tractor’s huge potential in a range of land-based industries both here and overseas, including horticulture, livestock and amenity use.”

Despite the tricky market conditions 2020 created for most, Farmtrac attracted a number of dealers across the country to commit to representing the brand. Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager at Reesink, says: “Although this has been a less than ideal year in which to launch a new brand, the dealer network has grown very well for Farmtrac in its first year, which is testament to the quality of the product. We have some great dealers on board that have really taken to the products and are seeing good results already.”

Farmtrac also caught the eye of Robert Llewellyn and Adam Henson on BBC’s Countryfile and the world’s number one clean energy and electric vehicle channel FullyCharged, The FT25G was referenced as “amazing” and “incredible” on many occasions in both programmes as it was reviewed and put through its paces. But it wasn’t just the cutting-edge FT25G that proved itself, distributor Reesink Agriculture did too.

In September, Reesink Agriculture was awarded by Farmtrac the ‘Best Debut 2020’ as part of their International Day for distributors around the world. This was given on the back of strong sales and a solid market awareness campaign during 2020, and to reflect on the robust warranties Reesink Agriculture offers its customers, and its reputation for servicing, maintenance and back-up.

With a string of successes to look back on, it’s certainly been a launch year full of more highlights than anything else for Farmtrac, as Steven concludes: “We’re thrilled with the positive response Farmtrac has had in the UK, it’s been a very unusual but also incredibly exciting launch year and I have no doubt 2021 will have just as much to commend itself for the brand.”


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