Claydon launch new Hybrid T3 3m trailed drill at LAMMA 2017

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Claydon is launching its brand new 3m Hybrid T3 trailed drill at LAMMA 2017, the first public showing of a model which represents a very important addition to the company’s expanding product range.

“An increasing number of customers, both in the UK and overseas, have requested a trailed version of our popular 3m mounted Hybrid drill,” Spencer Claydon, Commercial Director, states. “We believe that the new Claydon Hybrid T3 will provide exactly what they have been looking for by offering the ultimate in flexibility to tackle any crop establishment situation. We will also offer a kit to enable customers who already own a 3m Hybrid M3 mounted drill to convert it to the new trailed specification, which will further increase its versatility.”

Based on the pioneering Claydon System of crop establishment which the company has perfected over the last 15 years, the T3 extends the company’s range of Hybrid trailed drills to five models, the 3m T3, 4m T4, 4.8m T4.8 (also being launched at LAMMA 2017), 6m T6 and 8m T8. Like all other Claydon Hybrid drills, the T3 can be used to deliver seed only or a combination of seed and fertiliser, this method being increasingly popular with farmers and agricultural contractors.

Versatile, simple, easy to operate and with very low running costs, the T3 will sow directly into stubble, can be used in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across the widest range of soil types, conditions and crops. This enables any crop establishment situation to be handled with just one drill, at a much lower level of capital investment, up to five times faster, at one-third of the cost and more reliably than using a plough-based approach, while typically being 50% cheaper than min-till.

The Claydon System significantly improves timeliness, enabling crops to be drilled at the optimum time, under the best conditions, reducing weather risk and maximising yields, giving a substantial, overall financial advantage. The System also provides a range of agronomic, environmental and wildlife related benefits, including significant improvements in soil structure, organic matter and earthworm populations, increased carbon sequestration and a better environment for wildlife.

The T3 incorporates nine individually adjustable tungsten carbide leading tines which eliminate compaction, aerate the soil, optimise drainage and create tilth for the seeding zone. The seeding tines which follow then create additional tilth and place seed at the optimum depth, above the drainage channel. This highly-effective system encourages deep, complex rooting structures to develop quickly, which minimises soil erosion and produces stronger, healthier crops with improved yield potential.

With a typical daily output of 20ha, the new T3 can establish up to 700ha of crops per season behind a 150hp tractor. The drill is supported on the lower link arms and incorporates a 2455-litre hopper which can be used for seed only or divided to provide a 50:50 split between seed and fertiliser.

Measuring 6.6m long and 2.5m high, the new model incorporates support wheels with 10.00/75-15.3 deep-cleated tyres that run on clean, dry, uncultivated ground to ensure an even seeding depth. With a transport width of 3m, the T3 has an unladen weight of 2650kg, is equipped with single-point depth control and features, as standard, a stainless-steel metering system and an RDS Artemis control system which provides it with variable rate seeding capability. The standard specification also includes a hydraulically-driven fan, Claydon-designed metering heads for improved flow and seeding accuracy, together with a tramline kit, while the range of options include GPS-controlled variable rate seeding.

The front of the chassis is guided by shouldered cutting discs or the optional press wheels, while the double rear toolbar can be equipped with a range of press wheel, batterboard and harrow configurations to fully cover the seed and leave the soil smooth and level.

The T3 can be adapted to whatever the customer requires to suit different crops and conditions. They can have the standard tine set-up, a twin-tine option instead of the rear seeding tine, choose to have fertiliser placed down the front or rear tines, can replace the leading tine with a cutting disc, or alternatively change the seeding tine for the twin-tine kit and the leading tine with a twin cutting disc.

Developed and patented by arable farmer Jeff Claydon, the Claydon System is now sold in over 30 countries by the company’s commercial team and ever-developing distribution network. Claydon products now operate and have been extensively proven across the widest range of climatic conditions, soil types and crops. The UK-based manufacturer is currently experiencing strong and growing demand for its entire range, which comprises mounted and trailed Hybrid Drills, Straw Harrows, TerraStar light cultivator and Cambridge Rolls.

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