Efficient tramline planning from Lemken

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Lemken has developed an online configurator tool for its Azurit 9 seed drill. It’s designed to assist operators in calculating tramlines, as it determines how many rows need to be switched off and at which point in the field.

The Azruit 9 precision drill allows tramlines to be created with its flexible spacing system, part of the DeltaRow concept, Each seed row consists of two staggered sub-rows 12.5cm apart. If one of the twin-rows is deactivated, the distance between rows increases from 62.5cm to 75cm. At the same time, double the amount of seeds is placed in the operational twin-row to maintain the same level of grains per square metre.

For wide tyres equipped to reduce soil compaction, it’s also possible to deactivate a second twin-row on the other side of the wheel track. This increases row spacings to 87.5cm.

Using the new online configurator, operators can plan their tramlines either in their office or on a smart device in the cab. The operator inputs the implement working width, track width and the distance of the plants to the tyre edge, the configurator will then indicate which rows need to be switched off, which can be inputted into the in-cab terminal.

Lemken states that the benefits are obvious, with tramlines placed correctly, reduced risk of damaging crops during subsequent passes and improvements in the area covered and overall efficiency.

Tramline configurators for the Azurit 9 and Solitair 25 seed drills can be accessed free of charge at tramline.lemken.com. More information is available at www.lemken.com

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