Fendt 600 Vario for 2024

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Fendt has launched a new four-model 600 series tractor range aimed at the 140-210hp market. Key features include a new engine and Fendt’s latest VarioDrive transmission to boost performance and reduce fuel use.

The four models – 614, 616, 618 and 620 – offer powers from 149hp to 209hp and feature the recently introduced DynamicPerformance system that can provide an additional 15hp regardless of forward speed. The 600 Vario range is powered by a newly developed 4-cylinder 5 litre AGCO Power CORE50 engine. This enables it to be used for towing heavy loads, carrying front tanks, or operating heavy mounted implements.

The 620 Vario can reach a top speed of up to 50 km/h at 1,250 rpm and offers 950 Nm from 1,200 rpm to 1,600 rpm. With a power-to-weight ratio of 34.4 kg per hp the 600 Vario is also very manoeuvrable, providing a turning circle of just 10.2 metres with 540/65 R30 tyres.

Fendt’s VarioDrive transmission, pioneered by Fendt since 2015, features a single stage drive train which measures the slip on all four wheels to regulate power output. Minimising wheel slip using Fendt’s dynamic control system also provides greater traction whilst reducing soil compaction.

A clever cab-operated reversable fan has been borrowed from larger Fendt tractors to help operation in dusty conditions. The 600 also benefits from Fendt’s VarioGrip central tyre inflation system to improve tractive power and fuel consumption by up to 8 percent.

The initial 50-hour service has been dropped in favour of a 500-hour service and there are maintenance-free hydraulic tappets built into the engine. The engine has also been prepared for alternative fuels, such as HVO, to lower CO2 emissions in the future.

The FendtONE operating system communicates data from the cab to management software in the office. This onboard/offboard technology is facilitated by a multifunction joystick, 10-inch digital dashboard and a 12-inch terminal on the armrest. Fendt’s 3L joystick and another 12-inch terminal are also available as options. Smart functions such as the Fendt Guide guidance system, automatic section control and variable rate control, are all displayed through easy to access tiles on the terminals.

For operators, Fendt’s VisioPlus cab is a comfortable and ergonomic place to be, with an excellent view, which is especially good for loader work. Optional windscreen heating is available, and 600 operators can also specify a front and rear camera for improved visibility. And, for longer days in the seat, the 600 also features a hot/cold box capable of cooling food to 0°C or heating it to 65°C to enable meals on the go whilst sitting in a climate-controlled space on a massaging, heated seat.

The 600 Vario has been designed with loader users in mind and can be paired with the new generation of Fendt Cargo and Fendt CargoProfi front loaders. The 4.85, 5.85 and 5.90 loaders provide different lifting heights and capacities, with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 34.6 kN for the Fendt Cargo 5.90 at a height of up to 4.5 metres. It also features an optional position-independent weighing function.

The Fendt 600 Vario can be ordered from Agritechnica onwards, and production will start in summer 2024.




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