Fieldmargin connected with John Deere API for faster farm mapping

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Fieldmargin has announced its first machinery integration with the John Deere Operations Centre through the John Deere API. This connection allows farmers to create a digital map of their farm more quickly and easily in Fieldmargin by importing field boundaries from the John Deere Operations Centre.

Fieldmargin’s free mobile and web apps act as a farm map and notebook that farmers and their teams can access anywhere. Geo-located notes with pictures and communication build up to a picture of what has happened on the farm that can deliver insights for better farm management. It is ideal for recording observations when crop walking, managing work that is happening on the farm and communicating with external providers such as agronomists and contractors.

“Farming is changing faster than ever before” says CEO, Rob Carter “There is a mobile revolution happening in every industry; we’re bringing that to farming. Connecting machines, live data, sensors and analytics together will bring huge insight and efficiency to forward-looking farms.”

Fieldmargin’s note taking and communication tools, combined with accurate farm mapping using data from the John Deere Operations Centre, enables farmers to keep track of what is happening on their farm, wherever they are. To see this integration in action, sign up for your free Fieldmargin account here [].

Fieldmargin is a farming software company dedicated to building easy-to-use tools that allow farmers to save time and improve efficiency by bringing their farm’s data and communications into one place. Founded three years ago by a Hertfordshire farmer, it provides a simple and flexible way for farmers, agronomists, operators and accountants to record, analyse and share spatial/crop data on the web or mobile.

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