Grimme offering free on-farm sugar beet harvester demonstrations

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Sugar beet growers wanting to see the latest in harvester innovation can now take advantage of free, on-farm demonstrations.

Grimme UK is currently touring the new REXOR beet harvester around the country, allowing growers to see it operating alongside their current harvester.

The free in-field demonstrations are designed to give prospective purchasers a chance to see how the new REXOR handles their unique conditions.

Grimme launched two new REXOR models at its Farm Days event earlier in the year – the REXOR 6200 (30m3 bunker capacity) and the REXOR 6300(45m3 bunker volume) – with the REXOR 6200 currently available for demonstrations. 

Both models feature completely redesigned digging attachments, which now feature seven cleaning rollers rather than six to ensure a more powerful and intensive clean. 

Thanks to the external frame, Grimme has ensured the driver always has an unobstructed view of the roller table and the entire digging unit.

Auto steering

Both new REXORs offer Oppel wheel digging units with four beet feelers rather than two, which are also used as feeler skids. The redesigned unit can be guided precisely along the row and at the optimum height, improving the auto pilot’s steering behaviour when cornering. With this new concept of height guidance, the view into the digging unit is vastly improved, as there is no need for a feeler wheel shaft between the chopper and the Oppel wheel.

The new REXOR is equipped with the CCI 1200 ISOBUS operator terminal and the Grimme SmartView video system, allowing the driver to easily display video images in real-time or slow motion to check the current work result. Up to eight camera images can be displayed on the 12-inch touchscreen monitor.

The new generation of REXORs is available with a five-year guarantee for the first time, complemented by flexible rental models and competitively priced service packages.

“The new REXORs are the most advanced sugar beet harvesters ever to be built by Grimme,” says Tom Howlet, Beet Specialist at Grimme UK. “The harvesters were really well received when they were unveiled in Germany in the summer. We expect the same levels of interest from UK growers, and we’re confident that when they see it operating in their fields, they’ll be suitably impressed.”

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