More sizes for reduced rolling resistance tyre range

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Continental has added new sizes to its TractorMaster and CompactMaster AG/EM tyre ranges. The tyres have been designed to improve the fuel efficiency of higher horsepower machines by reducing rolling resistance.

In tests carried out by the German agricultural society Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG), the TractorMaster proved to be the most fuel efficient of all premium brand tyres. In the tests the TractorMaster tyre was faster over the same distance and used less fuel to complete the same task. It also delivered the most efficient transmission of engine power, offering the best ratio of tractive output to PTO of the brands on test.

“Higher horsepower tractors are being chosen to reduce fuel consumption during heavy draft work. Tracked machines are not as versatile as a high horsepower tractor on tyres so Continental has developed the TractorMaster to provide grip whilst minimising ground compaction and fuel consumption,” explains Continental agricultural tyre specialist Tom Godwin.

To further extend the sizes available, Continental has added a 600/70R34 front to the TractorMaster range, with a 620/70R42 rear tyre due to launch in the near future.

“The TractorMaster has a single bead filament construction and features our patented N.flex nylon layer, which helps the tyre to retain its roundness, even when working in stony soils or stubbles,” adds Mr Godwin.

Continental has expanded its CompactMaster AG product line.

Continental has also launched a new size of loader tyre. The CompactMaster is now available in the size 500/70R24. It is available in two tread types; the AG which is designed for agriculture and the EM which has a tread pattern better suited to hard-surface logistics.

The new sizes join 110 existing tyres that Continental has developed since relaunching its agricultural tyre division in 2017.







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