New Holland CX Series takes super conventional combining to the next level

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New Holland Agriculture launches the new generation CX Series of super conventional combines at Agritechnica 2015 this week.

The 2 five-strawwalker and 4 six-strawwalker models that set new standards of operator comfort, grain and straw quality, productivity and versatility while preserving the soil with lower compaction.

The CX range has been expanded with the new CX8.85 450hp six-strawwalker model with a 12,500 litre grain tank. At the top of the range, the flagship CX8.90 is the highest capacity conventional combine in the world and, with its 360 kW (490 hp), vast 12,500 litre grain tank and state-of-the-art cleaning systems, it delivers threshing and separation efficiency combined with a cleaning performance without equal.
“The CX Series is the latest generation in a long line of high performing conventional combines which began in 2001 with the launch of the first CX models and has been characterized by constant innovation,” stated Lars Skjoldager Sørensen, Head of Harvesting Product Management. “The new CX Series remains true to this heritage; it is the highest capacity conventional combine in the world, featuring the best of New Holland’s technologies, such as the award winning Opti-Speed™, Opti-Clean™ and Opti-Fan™ systems, alongside the Tier 4B compliant ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR engine. Contractors and multi-crop farmers will be able to switch between different crops quickly and easily, boosting their productivity. Large-scale farmers will achieve unprecedented profitability with the high capacity and unsurpassed straw and grain quality of the new CX Series.”

New Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab takes comfort to the next level
The Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab is new to the CX Series and the result of extensive customer consultation. It provides a spacious, comfortable and quiet working environment. The volume of the wide cab has been increased to 3.7 m³. The near silent 73dB(A) cab contributes to fatigue-free working days.
The new harvesting console has been designed to become an extension of the operator, with the controls of all key harvesting parameters ergonomically laid out. Operators are able to fine tune harvesting speed with the force based CommandGrip™ multifunction handle, which the CX Series shares with the flagship CR rotary combines and high horsepower tractors.
The ultra-wide 10.5 inch IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor is mounted on rollers so that it can be positioned just as the operator wants it. An optional second screen is perfect for IntelliSteer™ auto guidance and for displaying views from up to six cameras – one of which is pre-wired to assist with reversing.
Operators will be comfortable throughout the longest working days with a choice of three seat options, the top of the range leather trimmed seat offers heating and active ventilation, extended vertical travel and automatic weight adjustment to absorb the largest bumps for a smooth ride.
The spread of light from the new CX Series lighting package has been precision engineered to provide perfect visibility of the entire header and the field both ahead and behind the machine. An unloading auger light makes it easier to unload with precision without losing a single grain. A further innovation introduced to the new generation CX Series combines is the full LED work-lights package, which has a far brighter, wider and longer reach, providing excellent visibility up to 500 m ahead. In addition, the Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab has a 7% larger glazed area, taking it to 6.3m² for outstanding visibility day and night.

With the Opti-Speed™ strawwalkers, unique to New Holland, the combine automatically sets the strawwalker speed to match maximum throughput of the crop being harvested: wheat, corn, canola and rice. In addition, the system automatically slows down the strawwalkers when travelling uphill to keep all the grains safely inside the combine and speeds up when moving downhill to maintain efficient separation.

The Opti-Clean™ system improves cleaning performance by up to 20% by optimizsing the sieve stroke and throwing angles together with maximizsing cascade capacity. The longer stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne maximizsing cleaning efficiency. The award-winning Opti-Fan™ system further increases the efficiency of the cleaning system by automatically adjusting fan speed according to the incline. Once the desired fan speed is selected on flat ground, the fan will slow down when harvesting uphill to prevent losses and speeds up when travelling downhill to maintain a perfectly clean grain sample. The result: a clean sample, reduced losses and no operator intervention. The powerful Opti-Spread™ residue management system has been designed for maximum efficiency. With the CX8.90 working with the largest 12.5 m Varifeed™ header, it easily meets any spreading width requirement. The Dual Chop™ technology ensures a superfine chop of all material.

The CX8.85 and CX8.90 combine’s 12,500 litre grain tank capacity is the largest on the market and with folding covers can be securely covered in the evening to prevent moisture entering the tank and it can be opened and closed from the comfort of the operator’s seat, thus maximizsing productivity. Unloading speed has increased by 14% which means the largest 12,500 litre grain tank can still be emptied in under 2 minutes thanks to a 125 litre/second unloading speed.

The CX7.90, CX8.80, CX8.85 and CX8.90 models are available with SmartTrax™ rubber tracks with Terraglide™ suspension system, providing an exceptionally smooth ride and excellent traction when harvesting, while preserving soil quality through reduced field compaction. With a top transport speed of 40kph at a mere 1400 engine rpm (where permitted), the new CX7 and CX8 range, when fitted with SmartTrax™ with Terraglide™ suspension, is the obvious choice for operations looking to enhance productivity, with more time in the field and less time on the road, and to save on their fuel bills – saving on fuel bills.

The CX Series combines feature sectional concaves that make switching between different crops such as small grain, corn and rice, quick and easy: it takes just under 20 minutes to do, as opposed to the traditional six hours. This, together with the wide range of concaves available, gives the CX Series the high versatility that is ideal for contractors and multi-crop farmers.

The CX Series combines benefit from the advanced engine technologies developed in partnership with sister brand FPT Industrial. The CX8.90 complies with Tier 4A regulations using an ECOBlue™ SCR engine that delivers 10% fuel savings compared to a Tier 3 engine with outstanding transient response for sustained productivity in all field conditions. All other CX7 and CX8 models use ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology to comply with the most stringent Tier 4B emissions standards, delivering highly responsive performance with outstanding efficiency.

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