NEW Maschio plough debuts at the Highland Show

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A brand new range of Maschio mounted reversible ploughs will debut at the Highland show (Avenue R).

Recently launched in the UK, the range of ploughs is suitable for tractors from 120hp to 300hp and completes the Maschio tillage range complimenting existing products and adding to its successful lines of power harrows, rotavators and drills.

“We felt the timing was right to bring the Maschio plough into the UK,” says OPICO managing director, James Woolway. “Despite changes in tillage practices, ploughing continues to be an essential part of many Scottish and Borders’ farms’ cultivation rotations and we wanted to be able to offer our customers the full range.”

As regards the line-up, there are two model ranges. The UNICO M is the mid-range line suitable for tractors up to 200hp and topping out at five furrows. The heavy duty UNICO L shares many of its smaller sibling’s features but is built to cope with up to 300hp up front.  It is available in four, five and six furrow formats. Within each range there is the choice of either mechanical or hydraulically variable working width adjustment and either shear-bolt or hydro-pneumatic auto-reset obstacle protection.

With a time-proven track record, selling in big numbers across Europe, the Maschio UNICO plough has certain key features that make it one of the best performers in the field – and one of the easiest to set-up and adjust:

Hydraulic auto-reset – centralised hydro-pneumatic circuit with piston nitrogen accumulator which makes for faster leg reset. First body fitted with a larger diameter cylinder for higher trip pressure as the leading point going into unbroken ground. Non-stop system can be controlled on the move and allows both vertical and horizontal movement.

Fast front furrow width adjustment – a double-arm parallelogram linkage ensures the line-of-pull remains straight and true as front-furrow settings are altered hydraulically.

Variable working width – mechanical or hydraulic vary-width. Bolt adjustment provides fine-tuning in 5cm increments – 27cm-54cm (depending on plough specification) while on the move hydraulic adjustment runs from 25cm–55cm.

Turnover memory function – closes the bodies up automatically when turning the plough over to ensure nothing hits the ground. Once back in its working position it returns to the preset position. However, unlike other ploughs it does not do it by closing up the vary width linkage. Instead, it uses the beam alignment ram which means the pins, bushes and link rods do not get worn with every turnover.

Inter-body clearance of 95cm and under beam clearance of 80cm. Other options available.

Robust build – UNICO M – 120mm x 120mm reinforced box section beam with 100mm headstock turnover shaft on 3+1 furrows and 120mm shaft for 4 and 5 furrow models. UNICO L Heavy Duty – 140mm x 140mm beam and 130mm shaft.

Quick-fit, rapid-adjust skimmers – a simple pin-and-hole set-up means achieving optimal trash burial is an easy task.

Simple body change – switching between different sizes and types of mouldboard is a straightforward job that involves loosening a few bolts. Slatted and conventional bodies are available, many of which are interchangeable with other popular ploughs on the market.

A range of wearing metal is available, common with other brands, to give users the widest choice of bodies possible. Maschio’s MP4WD mouldboard can be used to work at depths from 15 to 35cm (6in to 14in) and can run at up to 50cm (20in) wide or can be wound right in to 30cm (12in). It leaves an impressively wide furrow bottom to cope with large tyres.

Combination depth/transport wheel – as well as its conventional role in maintaining an even working depth, the Combi Wheel is used to support the plough on the road to reduce stresses on both man and machine. Hydro-pneumatic suspension is an option.

Prices for the UNICO M start from £13,603 while the UNICO L starts from £18,961, depending on specification. A full range of optional extras is available.

Please visit the Maschio stand (Avenue M) to view UNICO auto reset M plough.

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