New Tip Roller XL meets demand for wider rolls with shattaboard

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The new HE-VA Tip Roller XL will meet the demand for wider rolls, with the ability to cultivate and level, and has its UK debut on the OPICO stand at the Cereals event [stand 3052].

A new, strengthened double frame design allows shattaboards, harrow tines or cultivator tines to be fitted on 12.3m and 15.3m working width rolls across five contour following sections.

HE-VA have previously only offered three section rolls with shattaboards, up to a 10.2m width. However, originally launched at SIMA, this impressive new machine employs a similar ‘TIP’ folding system to the smaller machines, but the stronger, double frame allows this huge set of five rolls to become a multi-purpose machine cultivating and levelling in one pass.

Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO managing director said, ‘The addition of shattaboards will turn a set of rolls into an all-round cultivator, which can be taken straight onto ploughed or cultivated ground, improving levelling and often saving an additional pass with a power harrow – costing a fraction of the price to run in HP, diesel and wearing metal.’

The shattaboards are hydraulically adjustable from the tractor seat so settings can be easily altered from the cab as soil type and conditions vary, ensuring that the soil is evenly levelled and consolidated, whilst also breaking down clods to a tilth. Shattaboards can also be fully retracted to use the rolls on their own. This will make the 12.3m machine a valuable addition to any business seeking to reduce costs, gaining two machines in one unit.

The new twin row of 16mm harrow tines working in front of the rolls also offer a great solution where customers want to harrow stubbles after harvest to chit blackgrass and other weed seeds.

‘Rather than rolling as a separate operation, the Tip Roller XL allows you to roll and harrow in one operation. This rakes the surface, creates a shallow tilth and consolidates to provide soil to seed contact and encourage capillary action of moisture towards the seed,’ said James Woolway. ‘Soil to seed contact is key for germination – both of crop seeds and weed seeds. By improving the stale seedbed, you will get better germination of weed seeds and improved control, no matter whether the rolls are used straight into stubble or into lightly cultivated ground.’

Incorporating HE-VA’s tried and tested hydraulic Special Active Transfer (SAT) system, the Tip Roller XL’s huge frame weight is consistently spread over the full working width of the machine, ensuring that the rolls follow field contours, providing uniform consolidation.

Heavy duty bearings and multi spoked NG rings ensure reliability with the increased machine weight. The 12.3m Tip Roller XL weighs in at 12.6 tons, with the shattaboard or harrow tines adding approximately a further 1000kg.

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