Parker Hannifin is expanding its ISOBUS Suite software

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Parker Hannifin is expanding its ISOBUS Suite software by launching the full version of the company’s ISOBUS Task Controller (TC) for standardised work management on agricultural vehicles such as tractors, harvesters, and other self-propelled machines.

ISOBUS TC functions as a link between FMIS (Farm Management Information System) software and implements controls on the vehicle, managing an ISOBUS task from FMIS and issuing accurate documentation of completed work and other relevant data. The major benefit for users is that farming becomes more precise and effective, while costs and time reduce.

To help meet the demands of modern precision farming, ISOBUS TC is able to gather geo-referenced data using GPS. As a result, it is possible to plan location-based tasks by means of variable-rate prescription maps. Variable rate control can utilize vegetation growth map data captured by satellites and drones, or crop yield map data captured from the previous season by harvesters. The use of GPS also offers another type of functionality known as section control. During operations such as spraying, sowing or fertiliser spreading, farmers can avoid distributing the product twice in the same place by automatically closing sections of the implement in areas where application has already occurred.

Importantly, Parker’s ISOBUS TC features an easy-to-use interface that provides an intuitive and simple way to configure even the most complex multi-function implements. Features such as clear product assignment and drag-and-drop functionality provide particular assistance.

Besides the ISOBUS TC app, Parker’s ISOBUS Suite software also includes an app for the ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT), a user interface for ISOBUS-compatible implementations, and a file server for the ISOBUS network to facilitate easy data transfer.

Loaded with ISOBUS Suite apps, the Parker Pro Display HMI unit represents a single terminal solution for operating different implements that comply with the ISO11783 ISOBUS standard. No longer does each combination of agricultural machine and implement require an individual terminal based on the manufacturer’s proprietary solution.

Providing a major user advantage, intelligent ISOBUS apps are scalable and can adapt their functions to the available space. Such flexibility allows the display of ISOBUS apps in full screen, or as two different applications shown simultaneously. If required, the dynamic Parker ISOBUS Suite can be integrated with other HMI applications from the OEM.

The layout offers further flexibility as ISOBUS Suite apps are suitable for use in landscape or portrait orientations. Correspondingly, users can position the display in either horizontal or vertical planes, depending on available cab space.

In a proprietary development, Pro Display can also serve as the vehicle’s main HMI display. With Pro Display, OEMs are able to deploy customised HMI functions, such as machine functionality, work management, diagnostics, data monitoring and visualisation, as well as infotainment and entertainment – all integrated into a central HMI display. Parker also provides its proven UX Toolkit programming tool for Pro Display that allows quick and easy development of machine HMI apps.

Ultimately, as there is no need for a separate ISOBUS terminal in the cabin, total cost and space requirements reduce accordingly. Parker ISOBUS Suite apps are available for Pro Display 10-inch and 12-inch screen sizes.


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