Precision Lift & Load app takes front-loader control to a new level

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Valtra’s extensive experience with factory-fitted front loaders culminates this year in a completely new front-loader control experience. Together with its fifth generation of tractors, Valtra is launching the completely new Precision Lift & Load app for G, N and T Series SmartTouch models.

Precision Lift & Load takes front-loader work to a new level and further strengthens Valtra’s position as the ideal front-loader tractor and developer of easy-to-use technology solutions. The new app enables the tractor operator to use and measure loading tasks in a completely new way.

The precision of work is significantly enhanced by the loader scale function, which weighs the loads of different materials, such as the weight of hay bales when feeding livestock. The app collects weighing data, and once the task has been completed, the operator can transfer the data to an Excel spreadsheet for invoicing purposes.

The app also enhances work productivity and safety, as the upper and lower limits for loader movements and the maximum angles can be set, stopping the loader automatically when the limits are reached. There is also an easy-to-use shake function that helps the operator ensure that no materials remain in the bucket such as wet snow or sand.

These new features make front-loader work even easier, more efficient, more comfortable and, most importantly, safer.

The app is operated from the touchscreen on the award-winning SmartTouch armrest and does not require any separate controls or displays. Adjusting the settings of the Precision Lift & Load app is easier than using a smartphone, so the operator can relax and enjoy the work while the tractor automatically takes care of all the front-loader settings.

Precision Lift & Load functions for different front-loader tasks can be saved as profiles in the SmartTouch interface. Before performing the same task again, the operator simply has to select the most suitable setting from the profiles.

Valtra’s smart front loader uses the same hardware as on its other front loaders. The stylish and high-quality design also protects the smart components. Two pressure sensors and two position sensors plus an ECU controller are located inside the beam. The key role is played by the SmartTouch software, which combines the data collected from the sensors and communicates the operator’s wishes to the front loader.

A long tradition in providing the best front-loader experience
Factory-fitted front loaders have for years offered Valtra customers high-performance loaders that are easy to operate and suitable for a wide range of tasks, including the most demanding in terms of hydraulic power. The small turning radius of Valtra tractors also makes front-loader work more efficient than with any other tractor.

A large panoramic roof provides excellent visibility when the loader is raised. In addition, the operator does not need to lean forwards to see the load. The low engine cover also provides a clear view to the front. The exhaust pillar and air intakes are positioned in such a way that they do not impair visibility when driving or working.

G, N and T Series models are also available with a third function that enables bale grapples, for example, to be used at the same time and with the same joystick as other front-loader functions. This also enables precise and continuous movements instead of just on or off functions. The hydraulically tiltable tool carrier, X-Tilt, is available as an option from Valtra Unlimited, making front-loading work even more precise.

The Precision Lift & Load app will be available starting this autumn as a factory-fitted option on G, N and T Series tractors with the award-winning SmartTouch armrest. The system will also be available later as a retrofit package for 5th generation SmartTouch tractors.


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