Scotts launch next generation Evolution Separator

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A next generation Evolution Separator stone and clod remover has been launched by Scotts Precision Manufacturing.

The Lincolnshire vegetable handling equipment manufacturer has added programmable memory roller settings, self-cleaning and gentle salad rollers to this latest version of its vegetable, alliums and fruit cleaner.

“By having the ability to store and then remotely adjust the spacing of the spiral and clod rollers to saved positions will enable users to quickly and easily set up the Evolution Separator to suit either the conditions or the crop being handled,” said the company.

“Making changes to the Evolution’s configuration was possible before the upgrade but required manual adjustments. Now, modifications can be made via push buttons or an optional HMI system, which is simpler and quicker than before. The enhancements will also deskill the process and reduce the machine’s downtime.”

Scotts also said that a second improvement sees the introduction of self-cleaning so that, when activated, the Evolution’s spiral rollers spin at high speed to throw off any attached dirt. The company has also developed rollers specifically for salad crops, designed to feature softer and wider spaced ribs which handle the produce in a more gentle manner.

“We have listened to our customers and introduced the features that have been most frequently requested,” said Derek Scott, managing director of Scotts.

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