Spaldings expands SPL Ultra range of wearing parts

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The SPL Ultra range of replacement points, wings and shins from Spaldings has been expanded with new items to fit several cultivator and subsoiler designs.

These bespoke products, developed in-house by the Spaldings technical team in partnership with specialists in materials and manufacturing, result from field trials and wear pattern mapping by laser to assess the wear characteristics of original OEM and non-original parts to ensure the SPL Ultra components deliver improved features and performance.

One aspect of this development approach is that some of the soil-engaging products have distinctive serrations, ribs and terracing to combat wear by influencing soil flow.

These features, together with the use of strategically-positioned tungsten carbide tiles, hard-facing and a carefully selected combination of production technique and material, results in parts that retain their shape and ‘as new’ performance for longer.

High-quality manufacturing processes then ensure they correctly fit the original ‘host’ legs and tines.

New additions

Five new items have joined the multitude of points and wings already available for Horsch, Keeble, Simba/Great Plains and Väderstad implements.

They comprise:

  • R1446 – claw-type chisel point for MulchMix legs on Horsch Terrano cultivators;
  • R2706/R2708 – 120mm ‘standard’ and 165mm ‘intermediate’ point and wing assemblies for Cultivating Solutions and Grange Machinery subsoiling tines;
  • R2712 – point and wings in a one-piece casting for TWB subsoilers;
  • R2714 – short shin with ribbed extension plates to protect TWB subsoiler legs.

All are available to order on the UK and Ireland sections of the website, via the company’s telesales department or with a member of the nationwide Spaldings field sales team.

Points and wings

The R1446 80-90mm point for the MulchMix legs on Horsch Terrano FG, FX, MT and FM stubble cultivators is of similar design to R1400, the version for Väderstad’s TopDown, Cultus, Opus and Swift tine cultivators.

Both have a distinctive 50mm deep central spine for extra wear and fastening bolt protection that stands proud of the 40mm thick nose and side sections with their cast-in soil deflectors designed to minimise wear of the underlying material.

Three tungsten tiles are fitted to the claw-like point, including a wrap-under design for the hardest-working centre section.

Single casting

The SPL Ultra R2706 and R2708 are point and wing assemblies produced in a single casting for rapid fitting and removal are designed for the soil loosening tines of Cultivating Solutions and Grange Machinery implements.

Both have the same chisel-like point with a single tungsten facing tile, another on the integral shin section and along the leading edges of the wings, which are 120mm and 165mm wide, respectively.

Multiple tungsten tiles

A tungsten tile and extra material on the bulbous nose, two more tiles on the loading point and three on the wings is a feature of the of the R2712 point and wing combination for TWB subsoilers.

Cast in a single piece, it also has 17mm wide-shaped soil defectors on the upper surface of the wings, which have a total span of 272mm.

Leg protection

The SPL Ultra R2714 is an alternative to the replaceable shin on TWB subsoiler legs and provides additional protection for the leg where soil flow abrasion tends to cause significant wear over time.

The Spaldings short shin section has wear-resistant hard-facing material all the way up the main leading edge, with wrap-around tungsten tiles also protecting the leading edges of the 130mm x 130mm side plates.

These plates guard the most vulnerable section of the leg and in addition to being ribbed to deflect the soil flow are tapered from 7mm thickness at the front to minimise drag to 11mm at the back to provide extra metal where the soil starts to close back in, build pressure and cause most wear.

Given the snug fit, it is important that TWB legs already in use are free of hard-facing or anything else that will prevent the one-piece assembly from fitting correctly.


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