Tractor remapping network now nationwide

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With increasing demand to remap tractors and combines, tuning specialists Avon Tuning has seen its authorised dealer network double in just 18 months. The company now has over 150 centers ranging from Cornwall to Kirkwall in the Orkney Isles.

Mapping is where the ECU (engine control unit) or ECM (engine control module) is reprogrammed to offer improved engine performance. Most manufacturers set these ‘palm-sized’ computers so that engine performance is equal across a range of climatic conditions. However, this can limit power and also result in increased fuel use.

The company suggests more farmers are choosing remapping rather than upgrading a tractor or combine. “It’s a cost-effective option to increase work rates,” says Avon Tuning director Gareth Jones.

Remaps are applied to machines on farm in around two hours with the original ECU map downloaded and saved before a new bespoke map is fitted. By editing the software at source, the process is safer, and the engineer has greater control of engine parameters. “All our maps are produced to the farmer’s requirements and within the tractor’s capabilities, which offers users peace of mind,” concludes Mr Jones.

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