Väderstad launch largest high speed precision seed drill

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Väderstad has launched its largest high-speed precision seed drill to date, which will be available from June 2021. Despite its size the Tempo L 32 can maintain increased output without compromising performance.

The new drill is equipped with 32 row units of 375mm spacing, a 3000l seed hopper and a Central Seed Fill as standard. To manage a narrower row spacing, every second-row unit is offset. The row cleaner angle and gauge wheel size have also been reduced.

To increase the versatility of the Tempo L 32 it is possible to hydraulically raise half of the row units and lock them in an upper position, reducing the number of rows from 32 (375mm row spacing) to 16 (750mm row spacing). In practice for UK growers, this means it is possible to drill oilseed rape and then change to maize on 16 rows with 750mm row spacing quickly and efficiently.

For the Canadian market, there is a possibility to attach the Tempo L 32 to a Seed Hawk 660 Air Cart. The Seed Hawk 660 Air Cart is able to hold up to 23000l of fertiliser.

The Tempo L 32 and Seed Hawk 660 combination will provide enormous capacity and planting precision to the vast fields of the Canadian prairies. The fertiliser can be applied in two different ways – either 7cm beside the seed furrow, or together with the seed in the seed furrow.

The price of the Tempo L 32 will be announced in the New Year.


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