WindControl for areas where wind is always a problem

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Amazone is now offering WindControl for areas that are particularly windy, as a supplement to the ArgusTwin system. WindControl takes account of the influence of wind on the spread pattern and can also be constantly monitored and automatically compensated for.

A high frequency measuring wind sensor, fitted to the machine, registers both the wind speed and also the direction of wind and transfers this information to the machine’s ECU. According to this data, the job computer then calculates, in conjunction with the information from ArgusTwin, any new settings for the delivery system and the spreading disc speed which are then automatically acted upon. For side winds, the disc speed to the windward side is increased and the delivery system advanced whereas, at the same time, the disc speed on the leeward side is reduced and the delivery system retarded. In this way the influence of wind is automatically compensated for and thus an optimum lateral distribution is ensured.

With the aid of WindControl, larger time windows are created for spreading under the influence of wind. Apart from all the important fertiliser spreader parameters, the user additionally always has, in view, the real-time direction of the wind, the force of wind and if the wind is gusting. In addition, in heavy winds, when the system is no longer able to compensate for, or when the wind gusts are too frequent, WindControl sends an automatic alarm to the driver.

The wind sensor is automatically folded in or out when the spreading discs are switched on or off. However, it can also be manually folded in and out. When folded out, the wind sensor protrudes above the tractor so that measurements are not disturbed by turbulence around the tractor. When folded in, the wind sensor is positioned between tractor and spreader so that, during road travel, it cannot be damaged by low hanging tree branches plus, in addition, a protection cap covers the sensor so that it is protected from dirt flying off the tyres.

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