Topcon software update introduces trials plot planting and multiple implement control

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Topcon Agriculture has released an update to its Horizon precision farming and crop production software which, as well as a new feature which enables automatic section and variable rate control on multiple implements simultaneously, also makes it quick and simple to lay out and drill trials plots.

In addition to various enhancements to the Topcon user interface such as improved implement diagnostics, video screen capture and a plug-and-play upgrade which enables Topcon’s X-series of consoles to communicate seamlessly with Claas’s OEM yield monitoring system (thereby eliminating the need for an external yield monitoring ECU), the software update – to Horizon version 5.02 – also introduces two brand new features: ‘Multiple Implement Support’ and ‘Plot Planter’.

Variable rate control

Multiple Implement Support enables users to manage auto section and variable rate control on multiple ISOBUS implements simultaneously: for example, when using a rear-mounted seed drill in combination with a front-mounted liquid applicator or using a rear-mounted sprayer with a front-mounted slug pellet applicator or using front and rear mounted fertiliser spinners to simultaneously spread two separate straight or compound products at different or varying rates.

Plot Planter offers a quick and easy way of setting out trials plots or seeding zones from the tractor cab without the need for any external software. This new feature ensures plots are laid out and planted accurately with clear, real-time visualization of the seeding process helping to eliminate errors and ensure accurate data collection for subsequent analysis.

The new software update also enables Topcon users to plot obstacles such as trees, telegraph poles, hidden drain covers or patches of weeds and to set a customizable proximity alert to warn the operator when the obstructions are approaching.

“The new features contained within the latest Horizon update clearly demonstrate Topcon’s commitment to enabling farmers, contractors and plant researchers to maximise the productivity, accuracy, efficiency and safety of their operations,” comments Richard Reed, Managing Director of LH Agro, Topcon’s preferred distributor in the UK.

Exciting new features

“As well as a series of relatively minor enhancements this latest software contains some exciting new features, not least of which is the ability to control multiple ISOBUS implements simultaneously which could be a game-changer for growers looking to reduce the number of field passes without compromising application accuracies. Likewise, the new Plot Planter feature represents a huge step forward in the way trials plots are set out.”

New firmware for Topcon’s AGS-2 receiver and steering controller which will provide improved terrain control, proportional and differential gain turning parameter enhancements and improved cross-platform connectivity and compatibility is currently in development and will be added to the Horizon 5.02 software in due course. 

More information about Horizon v5.02 is available from


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