Cloud-based agronomy tool will unite farmers’ disparate data

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Agrovista aims to put an end to disparate farm data sources with the launch of its new cloud-based agronomy tool, Axis. The pioneering tool has been developed in house by Agrovista and also utilises new crop recording software from Muddy Boots software.

“With the growing adoption of decision support and precision farming systems, the information being generated by farmers is growing exponentially,” explains Lewis McKerrow, Agrovista’s Precision Technology Manager. “For some time there has been an increasing onus for the industry to find a way of streamlining our record keeping processes and data flow.”

Agrovista see the new Axis system offering a “leap ahead” for collating multiple data sources onto one easy-access platform.

“Our intention was always to make the system cloud-based so that farmers could access and add to their information via multiple platforms, including smartphones, satellite-mapping equipment and their PCs,” he explains.

“Hosting the information in the cloud also means that farmers can give their advisors access to their account for the two-way exchange of information and advice.”

Axis integrates Greenlight Grower Management from Muddy Boots and incorporates its online crop management system, field recording and data sharing functions. To take this one stage further the whole system is linked to a web based mapping module called MapIT Pro which at a basic level can display field boundaries and cropping. MapIT Pro will also do much more than this, enabling the user to import yield maps, set up custom field zones, and generally manage all precision farming data.

“But what makes Axis invaluable as a business tool is the system’s ability to exchange information between devices, people and software systems. “Over the coming years we will continue to develop Axis to allow farmers and advisors to integrate all of their devices, systems and advisory information into the Axis cloud.”

Cloud technologies have been growing in prominence and importance within the wider business community for real-time storage, file-sharing and web-based communications. Lewis McKerrow says that it makes perfect sense for farming to harness the power of the cloud.

“Axis will target a common frustration amongst growers – the paperwork and record-keeping associated with compliance,” he points out. “Whilst we have been well aware of the efficiency benefits of using precision farming, we have missed one crucial element – integrating their use with the all-important recording – and reminding – of key dates and times for the field tasks. This management element is lacking in many of the simple systems farmers are using.”

“Axis will be a useful tool for coordinating these types of disparate – but valuable – data sources and will help in the production of complete and accurate records. Within the next few years we will find that live data connections between tractor and office will be commonplace. Farmers will be able to send prescription plans like spray recommendations in real-time to both the operator and the machinery and will receive the completed data back all as one complete streamlined affair. This type of full farm operation integration is very much the focus of the Axis vision “

He suggests that Axis will be very practical to use and with an intuitive App style access screen. “It will include a host of really practical management aids like yield and soil mapping, compliance date alerts, technical agronomic updates, 7-day weather forecasts, spray-window forecasts and product labels.”

Axis is now available and is free to register via the company’s website.

There will be three Axis package options:

Axis Info – free package, including view only access to Greenlight Grower management , 3-day weather forecasts, product labels and data sheets, basic MapIT Pro Google mapping system, weekly fertiliser updates, live grain market feed, variety selection tool, key technical documents, compliance info including greening calculator
Axis Field Pro – As Axis Info, plus Greenlight Grower Management and grower app, 7-day detailed weather including spray window wind chart, 1GB file storage. – Available summer 2015
Axis MapIT Pro – As Axis Info, plus Axis mapping, including yield mapping, sensor mapping, soil mapping, zone maps and variable rate planning. Import and export of many PF data types. – Available summer 2015

To register for Axis go to

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