Simplify oilseed rape nitrogen recommendations with free app

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Yara’s ImageIT is a fast and user-friendly  app designed to measure nitrogen uptake in an oilseed rape crop to generate a nitrogen recommendation.

Assessing nitrogen uptake is key in oilseed rape nutrition management, as it can vary from 20 to 150 kg/N. Yara’s ImageIT provides nitrogen recommendations by quickly measuring nitrogen uptake, based on crop photographs taken on your smartphone (a minimum of four images per field).

The app has been downloaded by over 3000 people in the UK and Yara are happy that they can now offer the ImageIT app completely free of charge.

How does ImageIT work?

ImageIT turns a farmer’s smartphone into a high-tech crop nutrient tester! The app analyses crop photographs for leaf cover and green leaf area by classifying and counting pixels in the photographs as well as filtering noisy areas.

This then allows estimates of crop biomass and nitrogen content to be determined which are used to identify nitrogen requirements and so provide a field specific recommendation.

The latest version of Yara ImageIT app can now be downloaded on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

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