The EnviroMonitor system: your data, your way

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Prodata Weather Systems, the UK environmental monitoring experts based in Cambridgeshire, have added the impressive new Davis system, EnviroMonitor, to their customer-focused environmental management solutions.

EnviroMonitor is a powerful, convenient and affordable system which serves as your reliable “eyes and ears” in the field. Now you can have an affordable, flexible and rugged system that delivers the data you need to measure and manage the key elements needed to keep crops healthy, yields high and your money in your pocket. Make every hectare count!

It is an easy-to-set-up and self-optimising mesh network consisting of a gateway and number of nodes. The gateway controls the network and each node can support multiple sensors which can be easily added, removed or relocated. You can connect many of the Davis instruments and third-party sensors to any node, including those measuring soil moisture, soil temperature, rainfall, soil salinity, air temperature, air humidity, leaf wetness, pressure, wind speed & direction, UV, solar, flow meters and water levels.

These measurements are collected from the field by the “always ON” EnviroMonitor and delivered to your smartphone or computer in real-time. Supported by the cloud-based EnviroMonitor app, you will be in full control of your data allowing you to make smart and responsive crop management decisions.

John Dann, director at Prodata Weather Systems said: “We are delighted to add this impressive and important extension to our Davis weather system range. The benefits to growers are immense. This is a product which actively allows you to manage your crops, thus saving money and maximising yields. It allows growers to monitor every variable they wish to and adjust their crop management decisions, such as irrigation, based on solid and local environmental data. We are the only UK-based dealer to have been involved with the beta-testing of this product. As a result we have an in-depth and unrivalled knowledge of the EnviroMonitor system and can offer insights and advice into applications made possible by this exciting and cost-effective new system.”

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