Vaderstad launches Inspire 1200c/s drill

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Vaderstad’s new 12m, high capacity precision seed drill with responsive double disc seed coulter system, will be launched at Agritechica and will be available from the end of 2022.

Inspire 1200C/S will be available in two different models – Inspire 1200S and Inspire 1200C. The seed-only version Inspire 1200S is equipped with a 5000-litre hopper for seeds. The combi version Inspire 1200C has a 7200-litre hopper holding both seed and fertiliser in two separate compartments, which is later mixed into the same airstream and placed together into the soil.

1.5M sections

High drilling output is achieved with eight separate sections, which allows Inspire 1200C/S to operate with variable rate and sectional control down to1.5m sections. Constant and even product flow from the hopper to the seed coulters is achieved via eight Fenix III metering units.

Inspire 1200C/S unique double disc seed coulter system allows it to adapt to any field irregularities, thereby keeping a constant seed depth and accurate placement over the entire field.

The drilling operation is controlled via the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control, which is also possible to connect with an ISOBUS task control system.


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